Corrales Law Group has handled U-Visa cases of all types, if you believe you may be eligible for a U-Visa you may contact us for a screening and for information.  U-status is a benefit provided by USCIS to someone who:

1) Has suffered substantial harm as the result of a qualifying crime; and

2) Has assisted or is willing to assist law enforcement in the investigation and/or prosecution of the crime

The U-Visa is designed to encourage victims of crimes that have no legal status to come forward and not be afraid to cooperate with law enforcement. There are numerous benefits to a U-Visa including:

  • U-Status for 4 years
  • Beneficiary eligible for an adjustment of status after 3 years in U Status
  • Derivative Status for certain family members
  • Discretionary waivers for many grounds of inadmissibility

For several videos with more information regarding U-Visas please check our Youtube channel here

If you believe that you or a family member is eligible for a U-Visa you may contact us to begin the application process today.